Inside the creative process with Jean Marc Lloveras

Jean Marc Lloveras is our first guest at Pili-Pala. Last week, he had a chat with us to talk about the creative process he has to go through when creating new lyrics. He collaborates with a band named Acid Folk Club, as well as following a soloist career.

A few months after Jean Marc was born in Paris in 1986, his family moved to Spain where he became an artist based in Lloret de Mar.  His music, as well as his life, is full of contradictions. A lover of both, sand and snow, a sensitive soul who cannot stand any kind of suffering, he uses the music as a safe exit for his feelings.

Following a creative career path

He explained to us that after he was left with a broken heart, he grieved through creativity. Jean Marc was 18 when he wrote his first song. After being deeply in love with a girl, and having difficulties expressing his emotions, he decided to declare his feelings through music. After one afternoon composing a new lyric, he was ready to sing her his new song. Sadly, she did not realise it was for her… His lack of communicative skills helped him became a musician.

Achieving inspiration

He used to find inspiration through his bouts of emotional instability, which helped him to create new lyrics. But things have change, he cannot be waiting to have those emotional episodes so he can compose new songs. He has substituted that instability with a perfect ambience for creation. The darkness of the night along with its quietness and a small dose of alcohol, help him to produce new songs.

The process for the creation of new songs

Jean Marc told us that every song he creates follow a similar pattern. Firstly, he focuses on the theme, what is he going to sing about. Then, he decides which chords and musical scale he would use, followed by a humming and a rhythmic base. Once it is all in its place, he incorporates the lyric. After that, he has a new song!

Managing to create the initial sketch

According to Jean Marc, a song evolves through time. Every time he performs the same song, it changes, it transforms into something different. He had found himself playing a song that had nothing to do with the initial topic.

Comparing the first art pieces with the current ones

The great difference, he said, between his first and his current songs is his personal evolution. He is still looking for the right path to follow, but he is more focused now than in his teenage years. Love still is his central theme, as he says love is the centre of his inspiration.

“I love to follow this line, although I know there are many prejudices about love in music, but as long as I feel comfortable with it, love will always be there”. Jean Marc, 2016.

You can listen to some of his lyrics through this link. Enjoy!

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