Inside the creative process with Gerardo Montiel Klint

Our second guest at Pili-Pala is a world known photographer. Gerardo Montiel Klint is a Mexican photographer, who has exhibited in more than seven different countries, and who has been awarded numerous times for his work. He has also lead photography workshops and seminars, published critical articles. Conventionally, photography has been known as the act of capturing the light, but Gerardo is more attracted to its counterpart from a metaphorical point of view, the shadow. For him, the shadow is where our unconscious lies; it is where everything that is not revealed at first sight is kept.  And without it, there will be no contrast or volume. He understands the shadow as something that lives within us; as something where our authentic self is.

Following a creative career path

For Gerardo, his childhood was essential for developing a career as a photographer. Thanks to his parents, Gerardo was able to surround himself, from an early age, with an array of creative outlets including: books, music, and paintings. This aesthetic input helped him to cultivate an artistic curiosity, which he then transformed into a career in photography.


Achieving inspiration

Literature is an important factor in achieving inspiration. Gerardo has said that literature continues to be his source of inspiration. Switching between novels, tales, philosophy and photography essays, literature has always inspired Gerardo’s work. His personal experiences also play a key role in helping him to successfully manifest his creative ideas.

The process for the creation of new photographs

Gerardo has spoken out saying that his creative process has not changed over the years. He based his first idea on a contradiction as a starting point. This idea provides him with an insight into his personal transformation, followed by a deep research of that thought. Suddenly, while looking into that particular idea born out of curiosity, the ideas and images begin to take shape in his mind. Luckily for him, he always carried a notebook where he wrote and drew all of his initial ideas. Then, he would finally start the process of creating a new image.

Managing to create the initial sketch

For Gerardo, managing to create his initial sketch is achievable. Usually, his first idea, design and notes, are identical to the final image.

Comparing the first art pieces with his later pieces

Gerardo stops working from variations of the same image, known as a photography portfolio, which is how he started working in the 90’s. His images are now spontaneous, based on an impulse, on an instant urge, an idea as an image.

“I have developed something that I consider my personal philosophy in regard to my personal creation process, which is photography as a sense of life.” Gerardo, 2016.

You can explore more of his remarkable work through his personal web page:

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