“BCN en la Mesa” (English)

We can all agree that Barcelona is the place to be. Whether you’re in your 20’s or late 50’s, or whether you prefer the sunny beach or the windy mountains, the Catalan capital has something for everyone.

@bcn.en.la.mesa Welcome home

This cosmopolitan city will receive any visitor with open arms. But sometimes getting to know and to experience the real city life can be difficult and somewhat tricky for the Catalan’s guests. Luckily for you, an amazing Instagram account is here to help you choose the best places to eat so that you can relax and enjoy Barcelona!

@bcn.en.la.mesa reviews different restaurants with a detailed explanation of their culinary experience. Here at Pili-Pala we have rated @bcn.en.la.mesa with five stars! Their exquisite photographs will transport your senses to every place they visit while stimulating your sense of taste.

@bcn.en.la.mesa Masia Can Borrell (Carretera Cerdanyola)

On their Instagram account you can find everything from authentic Catalan places to exotic oriental dishes making it perfect for large groups, and everyone can find something for their delight.

@bcn.en.la.mesa Ikibana (Passeig Picasso, Born o Paralel. Barcelona)

We had the pleasure of working with them to help them capture their essence with a logo. We wanted to capture Barcelona’s amazing architecture while replicating the style of Joan Miro, one of the greatest painters born in Barcelona on 20th April 1893, and at the same time reflect the culinary experience from @bcn.en.la.mesa


So make sure you follow them on Instagram, and enjoy the pleasure they have given us with their exquisite culinary images.

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